RGV .Me @RGVme
26 May, 02:14
McAllen, Texas
RGV .Me @RGVme
19 May, 09:39
RGV .Me @RGVme
14 May, 10:49
RGV .Me @RGVme
18 April, 02:24
Mission, Texas
Dutch Bros is setting up shop in Mission as well. The latest announcement shows the location at 513 Shary Road. A location in McAllen was announced last month.
RGV .Me @RGVme
10 April, 03:08
Mia Khalifa in South Padre Island, Texas
RGV .Me @RGVme
25 February, 11:00
Most Texas voters skip the primary elections, leaving many of the decisions about who serves in office to a relatively small group of Texas — voters who have more clout as a result.
RGV .Me @RGVme
19 February, 10:17
‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is now streaming on Netflix. The film was directed by Harlingen native David Blue Garcia.

RGV .Me @RGVme
30 January, 01:03
Brownsville, Texas
RGV .Me @RGVme
18 January, 10:54
Christopher De León from Pharr and Fred Gonzalez from San Juan will be on ABC this Sunday on an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

Supermarket Sweep
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Channel 5.1
New Another Man's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure!
Contestants from Texas, Florida and California meet Leslie Jones and compete for the chance to win a cash prize by showcasing their supermarket knowledge.
RGV .Me @RGVme
08 January, 09:35
🚨Media Release 🚨

The kangaroo has been found and returned to it’s owner!!

Deputies responded to a call for service regarding the kangaroo at the 12000 Block of Apache Drive, Mercedes, Texas, about 2 miles from the ranch it belongs to.

HCSO Deputies and the owner of the kangaroo were able to recover the kangaroo without any incident. Details on how the kangaroo got loose are still being determined. No injuries or property damage has been reported.

RGV .Me @RGVme
01 January, 06:35
Pharr, Texas
Matt’s Building Materials
📷 Kimberly Rios
RGV .Me @RGVme
24 December, 04:47
Casa Kevin now open in Mission, Texas

📍2910 N Conway Ave #2116 , Mission, TX 78574
RGV .Me @RGVme
22 December, 11:13
Elon Musk says his primary home is a “kinda awesome” $50,000 house that he rents in South Texas.
RGV .Me @RGVme
21 December, 07:21
Look at the forecasted temperatures across Texas. 🥵
RGV .Me @RGVme
20 December, 08:08
Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz are the ‘worst’ Texans this year, Texas Monthly says

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