Conchata Ferrell

Conchata Galen Ferrell was an American actress. Although she was a regular cast member of five TV sitcom series, she was best known for playing Berta the housekeeper for... Wikipedia

  • Born:  Conchata Galen Ferrell, March 28, 1943, Loudendale, West Virginia, U.S.
  • Died:  October 12, 2020, Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.
  • Cause of death:  Cardiac arrest
  • Other names:  Chatti
  • Education:  B.A, Education
  • Alma mater:  Marshall University
  • Occupation:  Actress
  • Years active:  1974–2020
  • Known for:  Two and a Half Men, (2003–2015)
  • Children:  3
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo