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08 August, 04:17
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04 August, 10:27
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31 July, 05:41
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman will be promoting his new light beer, Eight Elite Lager, at the H-E-B located at 2409 E Expressway 83, Mission, TX 78572.

Eight Elite Light Lager, named for the number he wore as a three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is a new Austin-based brew recently launched in exclusively in the Texas market.

Location: H-E-B 2409 E Expressway 83, Mission, TX 78572
Date: August 2nd, 2022 1pm CST

He will also be at The Craft inside The Eatery in Weslaco, Texas.
Location: 400 s Kansas Ave, Weslaco, Texas
Date: August 2nd, 2022 4:30pm CST

Harlingen, Texas
H-E-B 613 S. Expressway 83, Harlingen
Date: Wednesday, August 3 12pm CST
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28 July, 10:42
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25 July, 04:33
McAllen, Texas
Lululemon is coming soon to La Plaza Mall.
This store is expected to open on 11/25/2022 (Black Friday).
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25 July, 04:03
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23 July, 06:41
Ruby Tijerina Fox @fa_62dc3b1b6a8d0
23 July, 06:18
Stay hydrated out there cuh
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22 July, 04:30
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22 July, 03:19
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22 July, 01:34
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14 July, 07:08
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11 July, 04:15
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11 July, 02:33

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