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On Friday afternoon, Point Isabel ISD announced that Cameron County school districts received the first round of funds from the Elon Musk Foundation.

Elon Musk has raised eyebrows lately after teasing on social media the possibility that he might build his own city in South Texas near SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch site.

Performing Live for the first time in Mission Texas in over a decade, lets welcome La Mafia to the Mission Food Park. 100% Outdoor entertainment, food trucks, outdoor bars and more, we welcome you and your family to the Mission Food Park for this historic event.#events

Agents in the southernmost tip of Texas, home to SpaceX's rocket production facility and launch site, are seeing buyers and investors flock to formerly sleepy towns

Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer wearing a face mask as he walks the halls of the Capitol complex or goes to the Senate floor for debates and votes.

“As Governor of Texas, I urge you to take immediate action to combat the dangerous and deadly Mexican drug cartels,” reads the Governor’s letter.

House Bill 1927 would nix the requirement for Texas residents to obtain a license to carry handguns if they’re not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a gun. Texans under current state law must generally be licensed to carry handguns, either openly or concealed.

Texas came uncomfortably close to another round of rolling blackouts Tuesday night because grid operators misjudged the weather.

The state’s top elected official used to have limited sway. But Abbott has steadily seized authority from the Legislature and governing boards—a process accelerated by the pandemic.

The Senate action, which must still be approved by the House, would require the governor to call a special session in order to declare a state emergency that lasts more than 30 days.

McAllen native Raul Castillo is part of the cast of Army of The Dead


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Bad Bunny
Feb. 13 -- Hidalgo, TX@Payne Arena

Tickets for the El Último Tour del Mundo go on sale on Friday (April 16) at noon ET.#events

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is reminding Texans that they have until April 14 to ensure their vehicles are registered.

In announcing an ambitious renewable-energy push this week, the Biden administration highlighted a vessel under construction in#Brownsville as proof of the economic opportunities of going green.

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Bow down to the greatness of the Vaqueros, who are the best in the nation (again).

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, violated campaign finance rules by using donor funds to promote his book, a watchdog alleged Wednesday in two ethics complaints.

The Texas state court system is signaling that it will no longer enforce a federal order aimed at stopping evictions during the coronavirus pandemic. That could clear the way for landlords to push ahead with tens of thousands of eviction cases that have been on hold.

As of March 22, Mission residents will no longer be allowed to park their vehicles on the grassy areas of their property.#Mission

Senate Bill 7 is part of a broader legislative effort by Texas Republicans this year to enact sweeping changes to elections in the state that would scale up already restrictive election rules.#Vote#Texas

Texas will provide state-licensed summer camps with COVID-19 rapid tests in an effort to prevent potential outbreaks, Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement Tuesday.#Texas